Friday, April 22, 2011

Wii Exercise Games

I recently bought a few wii exercise games. Thought it would help me out a little. Both games have excellent reviews on amazon. I'll let you know my progress once I try the exercise games for awhile.

1. Walk It Out - This is a really fun! You basically walk in your living room or take steps with your feet and build things on your island by getting points with your steps. It's fun to see your island appear before your eyes. You can also unlock more songs throughout the game. There's a whole thread about this game on the nutrisystem site!

2. EA Sports Active - This is more of a fitness game where you have a fitness trainer and you focus on toning your body. And, it's quite hard. I did my first workout the other day and they really work your butt! The game comes with a resistant band, so you get to work your arms. I really like the running part of the game. It's fun to run on the track and pass people.

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