Friday, May 20, 2011

No longer on the Nutrisystem.

Even though I knew I was alergic to soy products, I still went on the nutrisystem. Nutrisystem food has a lot of soy in them. I was fine for awhile, but as time went on, the soy was affecting my thyroid. I should have known something was up when I started to cough eating the nutrisystem bars. And, now it makes a lot of sense why I didn't lose that much weight in the end. I already have an underactive thyroid and eating the soy make my thyroid worse. I haven't decided what my new diet plan will be. I'm still recovering from my sickness. But, I'll let you guys know what route I go and updates on my progress. I wish you guys all the luck on the nutrisystem!

Monday, May 9, 2011


I've been sick for the last week or so and I'm pretty off nutrisystem right now. I'm just eating whatever. Sometimes I'll eat soup, sometimes carbs, juice. Tonight I got some chicken and veggies at whole foods. I have been eating lately at whole foods. Every time I get sick, I always go to whole foods and get better. Eating organic is really good for you. Hopefully, by next week I'll focus more on nutrisystem and getting back in shape.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wii Exercise Games

I recently bought a few wii exercise games. Thought it would help me out a little. Both games have excellent reviews on amazon. I'll let you know my progress once I try the exercise games for awhile.

1. Walk It Out - This is a really fun! You basically walk in your living room or take steps with your feet and build things on your island by getting points with your steps. It's fun to see your island appear before your eyes. You can also unlock more songs throughout the game. There's a whole thread about this game on the nutrisystem site!

2. EA Sports Active - This is more of a fitness game where you have a fitness trainer and you focus on toning your body. And, it's quite hard. I did my first workout the other day and they really work your butt! The game comes with a resistant band, so you get to work your arms. I really like the running part of the game. It's fun to run on the track and pass people.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lost another 1.5 pounds

I forgot to post this last week, but I lost 1.5 pounds in two weeks. A little less than normal, but I did cheat one night eating some frozen pizza I made for my nephews. It was so good, but I only had one piece. I wanted more, actually! Also, I have been working out and might have gained some muscle weight.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Maple Sausage - Review

I tried the maple sausage for breakfast the other day. It was pretty good. I put it on a thin sandwich bun with an egg. The sausage had a slightly funny taste to it, but overall it was pretty good. I only ordered one, because I wasn't sure about the taste. I'm going to order more of these next month! Yum!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New shipment of food!

I received my new shipment of food and guess what I received in my box! A teddy bear with the number 10 on it. I guess they wanted to congratulate me for losing 10 pounds! That was nice of Nutrisystem to do! I made sure I ordered plenty of hamburgers, but now I think I ordered too many! I have a total of 11. Oh, well. I can do a lot with the hamburgers. Like make tacos! I ordered a lot of tuna salad. I was just getting bored of the lunches, but this tuna salad is so good! I ordered 1 maple sausage. I only ordered 1, because there seems to be mixed reviews on the boards. I didn't order any butterscotch pudding. Not because of the protein issue. You can add milk and that's 4 grams of protein! Several people on the boards said that it wasn't that good and didn't taste like butterscotch. I'm not really into pudding anyways. I like ice-cream and snacks like popcorn or chocolate bars.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Asian Style Beef Frozen Meal - Review

A few people on the nutrisystem boards did not like this meal, so I never ate it and saved it for last. I finally ate it the other night. It was so good! What are these people talking about? I love it. It's now one of my favorite frozen meals! It has beef, vegetables, rice, white chestnuts with yummy sauce. It's great!