Sunday, April 3, 2011

New shipment of food!

I received my new shipment of food and guess what I received in my box! A teddy bear with the number 10 on it. I guess they wanted to congratulate me for losing 10 pounds! That was nice of Nutrisystem to do! I made sure I ordered plenty of hamburgers, but now I think I ordered too many! I have a total of 11. Oh, well. I can do a lot with the hamburgers. Like make tacos! I ordered a lot of tuna salad. I was just getting bored of the lunches, but this tuna salad is so good! I ordered 1 maple sausage. I only ordered 1, because there seems to be mixed reviews on the boards. I didn't order any butterscotch pudding. Not because of the protein issue. You can add milk and that's 4 grams of protein! Several people on the boards said that it wasn't that good and didn't taste like butterscotch. I'm not really into pudding anyways. I like ice-cream and snacks like popcorn or chocolate bars.


  1. Congrats on your 10lb weight loss and on earning your first nutribear, Karen! Did you know that Success Bear and Encouragement Bear are on Facebook? They often share advice, information and support on our Facebook page, so be sure to check it out!

    Also, you may find it beneficial to reference our Recipe Center on our website. There you can gather many different delicious ideas and suggestions for preparing all of the hamburgers that you ordered!

    Keep up the amazing work! We can’t wait to hear additional updates on your journey!

  2. Congratulations on the 10 pound weight loss Karen! I'm cheering for you behind the side lines. :)How are you feeling so far?

  3. Thanks Linda. I am feeling good. I'm enjoying the food. I bought some new wii exercise games and I want to try those as well!